Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Chicas

Name: Rebecca Bartola
Age: 16

Hello, my name is Rebecca Bartola and I'm a rising senior from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. I chose to participate in the Costa Rica Environmental Filmmaking trip because I love to travel and in the future I want to becom
e either a foreign correspondent or a photojournalist. Places I've traveled to include France, Alaska, and Icela
nd. My favorite food is pasta and my favorite song of the moment is Alejandro by Lady Gaga.

Name: Arin Morse
Age: 15

Hi, my name is Arin Morse. I come from Topeka, Kansas. I will be a sophomore at Washburn Rural High School. I can quote many movies I have seen. I love almost any kind of film. I joined the Discover the World of Communication trip to Costa Rica because I love to travel and I have never been to a place like Costa Rica. I want the chance t
o explore the culture of the country and make a film about the importance of the National Park System on the culture.

Name: Kavita Myneni
Age: 17

Hey! I'm Kavita Myneni and I live
in Mesa, AZ. I am 17 years old and will be a senior at Mountain View High School. I love watching movies and spending time with my friends and family. Photography is my passion and I love to write. I have been traveling abroad since I was 10 years old. I love to see the differences in culture and food. I'm excited to see the wild life in Costa Rica. I really wanted to participate in this trip because I love to take photos and I wanted to take photographs somewhere I have never been.

Name: Chelsea Powers
Age: 17

Hi, I live in Grass Valley, CA. I'm 17 and I will be a senior at Nevada Union High School. I'm very passionate about storytellin
g and I love getting to know people. I chose to take this trip to have the experience of a lifetime.

Name: Erika Sacks
Age: 14

Hey guys! I'm from Rochester, NY and I will be a freshman at Mendon High School. I love photography and that is why I am exited about my trip to Costa Rica. This is my first chance to shoot photographs on location in such an exotic place. I'm excited to learn about the culture and see all the animals. I love bike riding, spending time with friends, and singing.

Name: Sarah Wendt
Age: 13

Hello, I'm from Arlington, VA and I will be a freshman at Washington-Lee High School. I'm very passionate about filmmaking and the environment. I am excited to go to Costa Rica because this will be my first international trip. I am very excited to see all the wild life up-close and in their natural habitat. I love sushi, friends and Lady Gaga.


  1. When do you leave for Costa Rico?
    What a wonderful and exciting opportunity to be in such a unique tropical country, to photograph all it's natural wonders. Maybe you'll meet a modern day Tarzan and Jane of the jungle LOL
    I wonder if there are any banana plantations there. Let me know, eh?
    We now have triple digit days. It's 108 degrees and you can fry an egg on the hood of my car ( if there weren't so many bird droppings on it, that is LOL )
    So glad there's a big beautiful pool here.
    Bet you all can't wait to go for a swim in Costa Rica...Enjoy everything you see and do and be safe! Love,
    Corrine & Ted

  2. Dear Erika and Costa Rica Chica's ... So far,it sounds wonderful...sloths and monkeys and alligators, oh my :-) I'll bet the beaches have white fine sand. I can almost see and feel it now.
    We have a cold snap here in Tucson. After days of 108, 9 and more degrees, today it's only 100. I guess I'll have to dig out my long johns.
    What's the temp there? It must be hot as well.
    And how's the food? Any different foods you haven't had in the states?
    I look forward to reading more of all you've been doing and experiencing.
    So how about it? What's new today?
    Hugs and love,
    G'mah Corrine & G' Pa Ted

  3. So exciting....Erika...have a wonderful Selma and Norm

  4. Well you will soon be back in the good old US of A dear Erika...And then maybe you will get and send email?
    I'll bet you can each write a small book about your Costa Rico adventure. I would want to read it in a heartbeat :-)
    Safe travels to all the Costa Rica Chica's and let's hear from you all very soon!
    All our love,
    G'mah Corrine and G'Pa Ted