Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Short Introduction

Hello Everyone!

We are very excited for this blog! This is our opportunity to share our Costa Rican experience with you. We invite you to follow us on our journey to create lasting and meaningful wildlife and environmental documentaries and photography.

We will spend two weeks in Washington, D.C. and two weeks in Costa Rica working on our projects. At the end of our trip, we will have produced documentaries that will be shown at Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica throughout 2010.

Here, you can see a short video introducing some of the places we will visit. Our group bios and first video journal entries will be coming soon. We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we are going to enjoy creating it.

Costa Rica's Chicas


  1. Hi Erika, What happened sweetheart? I saw what you wrote to Ben on Facebook about what happened. Can you upload a picture of your injury? Make sure you keep it clean, and if you need to change the dressings , do that often. Did the doctor say it will leave a scar? Were you given antibiotics? Will you still be able to go swimming while you're on this trip? It seems to me that you won't be able to because you need to keep it clean? I guess the doctor couldn't just use steri - strips...which Grandpa said may have been the best solution...but not being there and seeing it...well, we don't know.
    How in the world did it happen? And a million more questions from your anxious Grandma ( and Pa) with much love

  2. Hi Erika I miss you! I hope you upload some pictures of your trip up here soon! Hope your having fun! Its not the same here without you! Love you so much, Haley

  3. Hi Erika! I keep on trying to post a comment but it's not working- hope this one works! I hope you are feeling better I love and miss you so much! Its not the same here without you! We'll have to go on a bike ride when you get home! <3 love you! - Haley

  4. Hey Erika... Where's the descriptions? Did the beach have white sand? Was the water incredibly blue? Could you see your toes? Fish? Any shells on the beach?
    How about a few words?
    Mine are: I LOVE YOU!